Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Saturday's class

Class on Sat, Feb 19, 2008 at lake Crabtree was lots of fun.

We started the class off with a CGC test for a Rottweiler, which went very well. She earned her CGC certification no sweat.

At the end of class today we played doggie says. That was a blast. Everyone got a turn with their dog to be the caller.

We have a new dog joining our class. Her name is Emma. She is a glden/colie mix. Sara adopted her form the Wake County SPCA. Emma and Audrey get along beautifully. Sara has some training ahead of her, but she is more than capable of handling Emma. Join me in welcoming Emma.

My Mom has also joined the class with Sadie and they are enjoying themselves.

Coleen's Dad worked Charlie Sat in class. He did a wonderful job with Charlie.

Drew is also working with Heuy in class. They have been working with me for what seems likeforever, but I know it is not. They are doing very well. Heuy seems to be enjoying this class. Although he is not getting his Spike playtime.

Erika is bringing along Briscoe for som great distraction training. We are hoping to get him to come with distractions (especially at the dog park) keep up the good work Erika.

Check back next week we wll include some picture!