Saturday, March 8, 2008


Good Morning to all,

March 15, 2008 Saturday- Crabtree Lake Class Cancelled!!!

The weather seems to have a different idea of what we should be doing today. I will have to cancel the class at Crabtree Lake today. That last torrential downpour sealed our fate. Even if it clears up now the training area at the lake will be unusable.

Everyone should practice inside or when the weather clears a bit get those dogs out for a walk.

Have a fun day and I will see you all next week at 2:30 over at Lake Crabtree.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


My March 1 newsletter has gone out. If you are not yet signed up for it click to the right and sign up. It is fun and filled with great information. If there are any topics you would like to see covered in the newsletter let me know and I will be sure to get it in there.

You do not have to be a customer to get the newsletter, so feel free to pass it on to friends and family!!


You will notice a new icon in the "Great places to check out" section. It is for Dogster. This is a wonderful site for dog lovers. It is fun! Check it out, Join up!! When you do send Hershey and Spike pup pals invites. You will understand once you sign up.

You can also sign up for fun groups and post questions on forums. Be careful timw tends to slip away once you are on dogster! Go to and have fun!!

March 1st Class

Please join me in welcoming Riley and her Mommy Sosha to our wonderful group. Sosha started with me before she even had a dog. We searched for just the right dog and viola! she is the proud owner of Riley. Riley is doing great with her training, but needs more distractions, so here they are. Welcome!!

Training went great and we sure had a great day for it. The park is getting more crowded with the beautiful weather. Lots more distractions for our wonderful dogs. We did a lot of practice with stays and attention, as well as heeling. Check out the attention Heuy is giving Drew! Sadie has an excellent stay! Emma's third class and she is doing great. she is walking on a loose leash and paying attention great!
What a lot of fun Miles had he loves to have his nose to the ground. Maybe by the time he is 1 year old we will get that nose up for more that a few steps. Miles is the youngest of the group, but he sure is hanging in there and working with the big dogs. He is learning very quickly and Mary is to be congratulated for putting in the time. His attention is amazing when his nose is not glued to the ground! Keep up the good work!

A little note sent out to Toni. I hope you are feeling better. Your immune system goes down and everything coming down the road is going to get you. We miss you so take it easy and feel better.

Keep practicing and I will see you Sat!