Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter weekend class

I know this is Easter weekend, but I am planning to hold class on Sat like normal.

The weather is supposed to be beautiful. I hope to see you at Lake Crabtree 2:30 regular spot.

For those who cannot make it Happy Easter!!

Welcome to Claudette

Eliot has a new friend. He is not sure yet if she should stay, because she likes attention and that means less for him. (maybe) we all know that Lauren would never let that happen. I will get a picture soon so we can introduce a face with a name.

Welcome and we are glad to have you join us. Congratulations Tim and Lauren for adopting such a sweet puppy. Claudette was a rescue from a puppy mill and is lucky enough to have found a wonderful home with Tim, Lauren and Eliot. She is very sweet and loves to cuddle and be pet (all the time). She is figuring out how to play. Lack of socialization has made it hard for her to understand play, but with love and Eliot she should be playing like a champ in no time.