Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Featured Toy of the month

Spike with his new Kong Wubba toy

This month I am very proud to say I will be spotlighting a wonderful toy from THE KONG COMPANY. It was my pleasure to talk to Mark Hines from the Kong Company and discuss my plans for featuring toys from The Kong Company. As we spoke it came to my attention that I would be spotlighting The Kong Company and it's products for many months because of the many useful toys they offer. Most of you are familiar with the KONG, so I am going to begin by spotlighting a different toy. Read and enjoy!!

Kong Wubba (catchy name)

This wonderful toy has quickly become one of Spike's favorites! As you can see by the above picture he has a great time with it.

The Wubba is a Kong shaped toy that is covered with durable fabric. The Wubba is NOT a Kong covered with Fabric, but rather a softer squeezable toy with a squeaker for lots of interactive fun. I love to use this toy when Spike and I go out for a game of fetch, I also use it for training purposes and when I take Spike into new environments (especially the vet).

The amazing properties of this toy make it very versatile. It squeaks so I can use the sound to get and keep attention. The Wubba has a nice long tail that I use to get the prey instinct going and get Spike even more interested in the toy. Once the instincts are going we can either have a game of tug or I can throw the Wubba for a wonderful game of fetch. The unique shape of the Wubba gives it an unpredictable bounce making it a challenging fetch toy for any dog.

Can you use it for training? Absolutely!! Pull out the Wubba instead of food treats when you are ready to teach your dog something new or reinforce already learned commands. Take it on walks with you for distraction, if your dog reacts to other dogs or you find keeping his attention difficult when out in the big world. As a distraction approaches begin by squeaking, then wave it in front of your dog, next tell him to sit then toss it to him and play a little tug. in the 10 seconds it took you to do this you now have your dog's undivided attention and the distraction passes.

The Wubba comes in various sizes ranging from puppy to extra large. Be sure to get the size best suited for your dog. This is not a chew toy and you should not leave it around for your dog to chew. If you use it as a play/training tool and put it away after each use your dog will be that much more excited when you pull it out the next time.

Go pick up a Kong Wubba today and enjoy some wonderful play times with your dog!!

For more toys visit the Kong Company web site at http://www.kongcompany.com/

Spike showing off his Kong Wubba