Friday, January 30, 2009

peanut butter related recalls

So far this is a list of recalls that are related to the PCA peanut butter situation. These are the Pet product recalls that I can find at this point. I will update this list as more information becomes available. Click on the links below for complete information. Be careful what you buy for your pets and yourself!!!

Pet Food Product Recalls
Carolina Prime
Carolina Prime Pet
Grreat Choice
Happy Tails
Healthy-hide Deli-wrap
Shoppers Valu

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wonderful Snow

Ok, Ok no laughing I am a little late with this post, but things have been a little crazy. Now as I sit here with Hershey at my feet and Spike curled up under my elbow I am able to think clearly. Lets rewind a bit to last Tuesday when the beautiful snow came falling from the sky, schools were closed and the sound of children's laughter could be heard all around. The excitement of sledding and building snowmen was in the air.

As the snowballs were flying around my back yard and the girls and dogs were running around, (yes even Hershey gave into some running, maybe his foot was a little frozen) a smile crossed my face. How good it is to see Al and the girls and the dogs all running around in the pure clean snow. It always seems that the world is so at peace when it snows and that people have the chance to stay home and enjoy time with their families.

Hershey is familiar with the powdery white stuff growing up in PA and loves it. He especially likes to eat it, go figure, a Lab wanting to eat! Spike on the other hand has only seen a very light dusting of snow, so this was a wonderful new experience for him. He loved chasing his ball and then throwing it and watching it get buried. It was like a new game of find it every time he threw the ball. Snowballs were another fascination because they just disappeared. The sled was not so much fun for him, but he did love chasing the girls on it.

I hope you all had as much fun as we did and enjoyed the beautiful snow!!