Friday, April 23, 2010

Kozmo, formerly Henry, was rescued from a couple who were about to return him back to the Pound. They originally got him from the Pound when he was about a year old, and had him about 2 years. He came to me totally shut down, both physically and emotionally. He would not eat or have any contact with me whatsoever; someone in his past obviously had terribly abused Kosmo as any noise or sudden move sent him cowering.

I have had Kozmo for almost a year now and he has really started to come into his own. He LOVES the outdoors and is a very willing participant to walk anywhere you want to go. He can heal by your right side but also loves to sniff, and sneeze, at the ground. He is very playful, and especially loves to play kibble-toss, the spinning game and roll the tricky treat ball all around the house. He has been in doggie training with Superior Dog Training ( for several months, and is now much more comfortable around people, although he prefers to be the greeter, rather than being greeted. He tends to ignore other dogs and animals.

I am moving across the country and am unable to take Kozmo with me. I would love to see him in a home with a big yard for him to stretch his legs, and a loving owner who can continue to bring him into his joy. He is a very unique and beautiful soul.

Kozmo just had all of his shots updated and is on heartworm medication and Frontline. I have a year's supply of heartworm medication and other doggie stuff to help in the transition.

If you are interested in Kozmo, or know anyone that might be interested, please call Magee at 919-961-2766.

To see pictures of Kozmo please visit Superior Dog Training's website at