Thursday, April 20, 2017

6 Hairy Legs Workshops

6 Hairy Legs

4 Legs, 2 Paws, 1 Dance

An estimated 54% of Dogs in the US are overweight or obese, according to 2016 U.S. pet obesity survey results, done by The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention.  Obesity is the biggest health threat to dogs, it is a disease that kills millions of pets prematurely and creates pain and suffering that could be avoided. 

The centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that 36.5% of US adults suffer from Obesity.  These numbers are sobering I would say!  There are many, many health risks for both Canine and human obesity. Not to mention the cost for medical expenses,  In 2016 medical costs for people who were obese were approximately $1429.00 higher than those of normal weight.

What if I told you there is a workshop program that can teach you how to workout effectively with your dog?  This could benefit both you and your dog and would take half the time.  There would be no costly gym membership for you and your dog would not be left home alone while you went off to the gym.  You would both get healthy and fit together which would save you money in medical expenses.

Let 6 Hairy Legs workshops help you and your dog achieve a healthy balance to your lives and you do it together!!!

The 6 Hairy Legs workshops will cover nutrition, the benefits of stretching, how to sculpt and tone your muscles, cardio and you will take home a complete 15 minute workout customized to you and your dog, with instruction on how to make the exercises harder as you improve.  Our workshops take place, approximately, every 2 months so you can receive continued instruction at each workshop.

6 Hairy Legs was founded by 2 experts in their perspective fields, New York City - based movement expert and choreographer, Sabatino Verlezza, MFA, CPI and Raleigh based canine expert/trainer,  Suzanne Kalafian, CDT, CTT.  These two experts combine their talents into a unique training style!

We would love to help you loose, maintain or start a exercise routine with your best canine friend, to keep you healthy and fit!!

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