Monday, February 13, 2017

It’s hard to believe that is Mid-February already!!   March is quickly approaching and we have a wonderful new workshop on March 4th.  This workshop is called 6 Hairy legs (we also allow non-hairy legs to participate 😊)  In an effort to build a healthier community we wanted to give you a workout partner who you love and don’t want to disappoint!  Yes of course your Dog, who else!  Spike and I exercise together every day, sometimes twice a day.  We do the normal exercising such as walking and running, but we also do fun workouts.  These workouts include both Spike and I Stretching, doing a strength workout and also cardio in the form of dance, stepping or sometimes even jumping.  We have such great fun together that I wanted to share this experience with you all.

By becoming stronger and doing exercises that prevent injury we can enjoy more of what life has to offer.  For example we love to hike,  I would never take a dog on a 6 mile strenuous hike over rocks and streams without conditioning them first.  Thru regular exercise to strengthen knees, shoulders, and core we were able to take on short hikes and work up to 6 mile strenuous hikes in a mere month.  I love spending time with Spike and he loves spending time with me.  We have found a wonderful new way that benefits us both and we feel like our snuggle time in front of the TV at night was well earned.

6 Hairy legs workshop will share all this information with you.  It is a 1 day workshop.  The workshop is 7 hours long, don’t worry you will not be exercising the whole time.  We do provide a lunch and we will have down time for both dog and human.  We will explain what you are doing and why.  You will get to practice and ask questions all along the way.  We will talk about exercise, stretching, cardio, healthy eating, dog training problems, communication with you and your dog and so much more.  We also include a healthy round table lunch where you will have a interactive presentation on training thru play, Body language and dog behavior. You will also receive a handbook of all the exercises and the information we cover at lunch. 

If you register on or before Feb 14th you receive $100 off.  The cost will be $300,  what a value that is.  I have attached a flyer for you to look over.  If you have any questions please let me know!  I really hope to see you at the workshop!